Friday, May 9, 2014

Update - 5/9/14

Hails and Horns \m/,

So, I'm taking the time before I pass out tonight to bring you guys up to speed on what's been going down in the animal kingdom.

1.) Revy and I are working on PTAF Episode 2. It's in its final draft of scripting right now, so we'll be voicing it sometime next week. We're sorting out the cast list in the meantime.

2.) Kai and I are working on something that will be released in the next month, codenamed "Project Banana Boat". I won't spoil anything about it, but we've scheduled it to be released on June 23rd. Make sure you spread the word about it 'cause I want the biggest audience possible for this one. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

3.) I sliced my left hand open at work this past Tuesday. I was stupid and mishandled a tape gun while sealing some boxes. The gun slipped and buried itself two centimeters down the base of my thumb. I didn't need stitches, mainly because I couldn't actually get them for this type of injury. The best imagery I can provide for what happened is to imagine what it looks like when you peel an orange.

You're welcome.

It's been in a bandage for most of that time and I'm only just getting my dexterity back. This meant I've had to put any editing/computer work on hold until it's healed enough where I can use both my thumbs effectively.

Everything is still on schedule and I'll be updating the progress of each project as we move forward.

Talk at ya later,
-The Townsfolk


  1. Thanks for the update guys. It's nice to get these little updates every now and then.

  2. So it's past June 23rd, what happened? Did something technical or personal happen? If it did, shit happens. Don't worry, for fans are very patient and loyal. Why? Because you guys are funny. Like Team Four Star ,or Seinfeld funny.

  3. Hello? I think I saw you guys on a Zeta abridged video... What happened?